Marc N. Zuckerman – AG7VY Memorial Endowment

During the Annual General Meeting, held Wednesday November 17th, 2021; Charlie Shepard – K7CBS as President of the Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club and on behalf of the Board of Directors and Members of the Club presented the first annual Marc N. Zuckerman Memorial Endowment to Red Rock Search & Rescue. Accepting this donation for Red Rock Search & Rescue was Steve Smith, Vice Commander Medical.

DIY Portable Solar Generator – Rich Daugherty – KC7ZDM shows us what he did during the Coronavirus shut down.

I’m stoked! I just successfully tested my solar generator project. By the time I got round to taking pictures it had topped off my battery bank and shut off current from the solar array.

I designed the system to be totally portable. I can use it to set up a field ham radio station, for camping, or if we had an extended power outage, in the back yard. It could run a small refrigerator and/or a small microwave, etc.  Certainly not an air conditioner by any means

For those who care about such things; here are the geeky details: Click this link to download or view. GEEKY Details of Portable Solar Generator

Thank you Gary – AA7YO for all you have done for LVRAC

Gary - AA7YO on the left and Charlie - K7CBS President LVRAC on the right.

At the February 2019 General Membership meeting of LVRAC, Gary Desler – AA7YO a long time member and past officer of the Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club was honored and recognized for his service. Gary and Margie Desler have decided to move back east to be closer to family and enjoy the grandchildren. We wish Gary and Margie all the best and will miss them.

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