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LVRAC Repeaters

OUT of SERVICE NOTICE: Effective Immediately the 447.200 MHz. and the 146.910 MHz. Repeaters will be out of service in preperation for future linking. However the primary K7UGE Repeater (146.940 MHz.) is still operational and all scheduled NETS will be accesable via this repeater.

The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Radio Club operates the K7UGE – LINKED repeaters on 146.940 MHz. (PL 100.0) and 448.500 MHz. (PL 100.0) both with the standard offsets.

SPEACIAL NOTE: Due to Construction at Southern Hills Hospital the 448.500 MHz. UHF repeater is offline. Therefore the “LVRAC NET” and the “LVRAC Thursday Knights Roundtable” will operate solely on the 2 Meter VHF Repeater (146.940 MHz.) located at the Westgate Resort & Casino.

We have a new addition to the K7UGE family of repeaters. The new repeater is at its new home high atop the Westgate Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada. The repeater has a frequency of 447.200 MHz. with a standard negative offset and a PL tone of 100.0 Hz. Please feel free to check it out and send your comments to our Repeater Trustee.

Also there is another new repeater coming in 2022. It will be located at the City of Las Vegas Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 7551 W. Sauer Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada. This repeater will be a 2 Meter VHF repeater with a frequency of 146.910 MHz., standard negative offset and a PL tone of 100.0 Hz. This repeater is currently active at a temporary location. so please feel free to use and test out this 2 Meter repeater.


The LVRAC Net is conducted every Tuesday at 7:00 PM PST on K7UGE – LINKED repeaters on 146.940 MHz. and 448.500 MHz. with std. offsets and both with a PL tone of 100Hz.

* See Special Note.

LVRAC Thursday “Knights” RoundTable

The LVRAC Thursday “Knights” RoundTable is currently conducted every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM PST on the K7UGE – LINKED repeaters. The RoundTable is an open discussion on amateur radio topics selected by members and freinds of the Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club. Please join the RoundTable every Thursday and listen to the “Hams” chew…

* See Special Note.


The LVRAC Thunderbird Net meets every Sunday at 7:00 PM PST on 28.420 MHz. USB (Upper Side Band). This net promotes activity on the ten (10) meter band, and encourages experimentation with antennas for both ground wave and sky wave propagation.

How to Program the LVRAC Repeaters into your Baofeng

Jay Frumkin – WJ3EP has created a couple of “How To” sheets on programing a Baofeng UV-5R handheld dual band UHF/VHF radio with the frequencies of the two Linked K7UGE repeaters. To print or view the sheets (one for each of the bands) click the links below.

How to Program the LVRAC VHF Repeater into a Baofeng UV-5R

How to Program the LVRAC UHF Repeater into a Baofeng UV-5R

LOCAL Repeater Lists:

Jerry Sobel – K0MBB has created a list of local 2M and 70cm repeaters, that is in Excel spread sheet format that can be downloaded (see directly below) and converted to a CSV file for use in importing when programming your radio with CHIRP .

CHIRP Friendly Repeater List

To download or view the current Southern Nevada Repeater List that is compiled by the Southern Nevada Council of Clubs, click on the following:

Repeater List

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