LVRAC Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club

A Brief History Of The LVRAC

The LVRAC was formed in April of 1961, and is the oldest HAM radio club in Las Vegas. It began in Jerry Mann's kitchen (W7VYC later N7CAH now SK). The first meeting was held as a picnic at Mt. Charleston, 150 people attended.

Thunderbird Hotel

In the early days of the LVRAC the club was contacted by Joe Wells, then the head of the Thunderbird Hotel, who wanted to establish a ham station in the hotel. He offered to purchase the equipment and provide a room in which to build a station. He bought a full Collins Radio S-line system (the finest equipment made at the time), Hy-Gain beam antennas and all the necessary accessories to equip a fully functional station. A glass windowed room, completely visible, to the hotel's patrons, was built to house the station. All LVRAC members had station access key cards and could operate the station at any time. Club meetings were held at the hotel. The Thunderbird is on our bulletin as a symbol of the club's early affiliation with the Thunderbird Hotel more than a third of a century ago.

by Luke R. KK7BW, 15 November 1999.