Library and Tools

The purpose of the LVRAC library is for the enjoyment and enrichment of all club members. We have a variety of media and equipment, so please take a look at the selection. In order to check out an item from the library or tool bin, please download and print the form below.

We appreciate the donations that have been made to the library, and encourage others. If you find material you think would benefit the club, bring it to the attention of the board of directors. We will look into obtaining the material.


PowerPole CrimperPowerPole Inc.
MFJ-269 Antenna AnalyzerMFJ Inc.


Amateur Radio Emergency Communications CourseARRL
The ARRL Emergency Communication HandbookARRL
Radio Frequency InterferenceARRLfind & fix it
Radio Frequency InterferenceARRL2nd edition
Understanding Amateur RadioARRLfundamentals/construction
Weekend ProjectsARRL
R F exposure and YouARRL
Spred Spectrum Source BookARRL
W1FB’s QRP NotebookARRL
Operating ManualARRL7th edition
Antenna ZoningARRL
Satellite HandbookARRL
Easy PIC’n (3copies)David Bensonbeginers guide to microcontrolers
W1FB’s Antenna NotebookARRL
Network +David Grothcomputer networking
A+David GrothComputer study guide
Benchtop Electronics reference manualVictor Veley
Video And Television EngineeringJerry Whitaker
Stealth Amateur RadioARRLoperating from anywhere
Computerized General Class Exam PackageARRLVCR tapes/disks/manuals
Computerized Advanced Class Exam packageARRLVCR tapes/disks/manuals
Descovering Computers 2001Shelly Cashman
Dxing 101
The following are CDs
QST View 1915-1929
QST View 1930-1939ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1950-1959 (2 sets)ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1940-1949ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1960-1964ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1970-1974ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1995-1999ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1965-1969ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1980-1984ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST View 1985-1989ARRLQST Magazine on CD
QST NCJ QEX 2001ARRLperodicals on CD
QST NCJ QEX 2002  (2 sets)ARRLperodicals on CD
QST NCJ QEX 2003ARRLperodicals on CD
QST NCJ QEX 1999ARRLperodicals on CD
QST NCJ QEX 2004ARRLperodicals on CD
QST NCJ QEX 2000ARRLperodicals on CD
Your Introduction To Morse CodeARRLTech plus speed
Worldradio 2000magazine on CD
The following are cassette tapes
Novice Voice Class ExamRadio ShackLiscense Prep with Manual
Ziliac code tape #1Unknown speed
Ziliac Code tape #2Unknown speed
Ziliac Code tape #3Unknown speed
The Code TeacherW5YI group0-5 WPM
Ameco Code CourseAmeco12 – 15 WPM
Morse Code Speed builder (4 tapes)W5YI group5 -16 WPM
Grounding (VCR Tape)PolyPhaser
Radio Shack RF Frequency Counter
200 meters and downARRLStory of Amateur Radio
Antenna BookARRL19 th edition
Antenna AnthologyARRL
Best of the new Ham CompanionARRL
Understanding Basic ElectronicsLarry Wolfgang
UHF/Microwave experimenter’s ManualARRL
General Class (2 copies)Gordon WestLicense study guide
General ClassRadio shackLicense study guide
General Class Morse Code (tape 1-4)W5YI group
The Code teacherW5YI group5-14 wpm
Easy TargetCynthia WallHam radio fiction
Single Side BandARRL
FCC Rule Book (2 copies)ARRL
Amateur Radio FCC Test PackageAmecoExtra Class
Amateur Radio FCC Test ManualAmecoTech Class
ARES Field Resources ManualARRL
Lightning Protection & Grounding solutionsPolyPhaser
Packet Radio: What Why HowTAPR
Low Power CommunicationsARRL
More Wire Antenna ClassicsARRL2nd edition
Hints & KinksARRL
Radio Operator’s Liscense Q&A ManualMilton Kaufman9th edition
Radio Amateur’s HandbookARRL1981 edition
General Class Liscense manualARRL
Radio Amateur Liscense ManualARRLOld- Has Conditional class liscense
Amateur radio Test PackageAmecomanual & 3 1/2 floppy
Morse Code-The essential LanguageARRL2nd edition
Introduction to ElectronicsBernard Grob
Understanding MicroprocessorsMotoroladonated by Frank Drake
Basic Carrier TelephonyDavid Talley
Learning the Radio telegraph CodeARRL
A Course in Radio FundamentalsARRL
Hints & KinksARRL
FM and RepeatersARRL
Understanding Amateur RadioARRL
Your Gateway to Packet RadioStan Horzepa2nd edition
No Code TechnicianW5YI groupVCR Tape
“The Microvolt” July-Dec 2012Utah Amateur Radio Club
ARRL Handbook 1997ARRL
ARRL Handbook 2001 (2 copies)ARRL
ARRL Handbook 2007ARRL
ARRL Handbook 2011ARRL
CQ Magazine Jan-Dec 1953
Backyard AntennasARRL
GPS and Amateur RadioARRL
Amateur Radio on the MoveARRL
Vintage RadioARRL
HF Digital HandbookARRL
Volounteer Examiner Manual